Angry Birds from SuperJustinBros is a non-profit Angry Birds open-source fangame to be developed by Superjustinbros, which is exclusive to home computers, as it includes a simple level editor and browser, which allows players to create, program, and share their own Angry Birds levels. It will also include many, many preloaded levels, divided into eight zones, each with 10 themes containing 15, 18, or 21 stages each. However, it's main selling point is the editor feature and it's usage of multiple concepts from both the different Angry Birds installments and numerous clones of it, such as Angry Frogs, Trucks & Skulls, and Siege Hero.

A follow up which restricts itself more to the Angry Birds canon is considered, known as Angry Birds form Superjustinbros: Second Edition.

Bird Styles


The bird roster.

Joining the main eight Birds from the main series (plus the Laser and Ice Birds from Angry Birds Space, as their abilities have not been used by another Bird to date), Angry Birds from SuperJustinBros will bring in twelve additional species:

  • Robin -A cyan-colored bird with the appearance of a Boomerang Bird wearing a Robin Hood hat. While in mid-air, clicking will cause it to freeze in mid-air and spin around, with an arrow pointing out of it's mouth. Clicking again will shoot the Robin bird in the direction the arrow points once clicked, at a high speed.
  • Kami -A grey bird with a very similar appearance to the Black Bird, but explodes automatically upon contact with anything, rather than a three-second delay with the Black Bird. It's explosion effect is slightly stronger, though not by much.
  • BlackBelt -An olive green Bird that looks like a Big Brother bird with a pair of katanas on his back. Tapping the screen when it is airborne will cause it to shoot four Kami birds in a fountain/grenade-like formation upwards, which then arc downwards. These Kami Birds, however, are slightly smaller than a solo Kami bird.
  • Doctor -A light grey Boomerang Bird wearing glasses; this one will multiply into two smaller Robin birds when clicked. These Robin birds both rotate at different speeds to prevent both in traveling in the same direction.
  • Kiss -A purple-colored White Bird that will split into three Black Birds when the screen is tapped. These black birds, as with the Kami birds generated from the BlackBelt Bird, are smaller than the bird itself alone.
  • Sunny -An red-orange bird resembling a Yellow Bird wearing sunglasses, this one will split into three small Yellow birds when the screen is clicked.
  • Scar -A dark red Boomerang Bird with a scar around its eye and a dent on it's beak. When clicked, it will implode into four small Robin birds via a "grenade" effect like the BlackBelt Bird's Kami Birds. The four small Robin Birds, like the Doctor Bird's Robin Birds, rotate in different directions at different speeds.
  • General John -A black Big Brother Bird wearing a general's belt. It is identical to the BlackBelt Bird, but instead deposits Black Birds rather than Kami Birds.
  • Diveosaurus -A Boomerang Bird with a lime-colored stomach area, a grey beak, and a large funnel mounted onto its back. Tapping the screen will cause it to dive downwards at a great speed after performing a short loop.
  • Doomstone -A blue Big Brother Bird with a grey beak and two exhaust vents attached to its sides. It is given a dash ability that when executed, makes it spin into the structure at a high speed.
  • Fire -A standard Red Bird with a glowing neon red body, wider eyebrows, and fire sprouting from it. It can instantly destroy any wood, glass, and ice block it touches, as well as ignite adjacent blocks. Its flame body will wear out five seconds after hitting the structure, in which it can no longer ignite any part of the structure. Against any other surface, is is the same as a red bird.
  • Splatter -The weakest of all the birds, resembling a Blue Bird with a black and white body. It has a detonation effect like the Black Bird, but it instead pops into ink that can instantly kill any Pig it touches, no matter what strength. It can only nudge, rather than damage and destroy parts of the structure.
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