Angry Birds from SuperJustinBros: Second Edition is a non-profit Angry Birds open-source fangame to be developed by Superjustinbros, and is a sequel to Angry Birds from SuperJustinBros.

The sequel's main selling point is the merge of content from Angry Birds Stella with that of the original Angry Birds, including the Ice Bird from Angry Birds Space. The Angry Frogs, Siege Hero, and Trucks and Skulls-inspired characters would be ditched in this sequel. Like it's predecessor, it would include a level editor.

This would be made to help provide a no-ads and no-paywall experience (as they are often considered Angry Birds Stella's weakest points and a template of how in-app purchases shouldn't be done), as wall as serving as a proof of concept to show the Stella flock can work in conjunction with the original flock.

Playable Characters

To fit with Angry Birds Stella's "#OwnYourSuperpower" marketing campaign, the other Birds' powers/abilities were given names.

  • Red Bird - Red uses Red Force or Mighty Dash
  • Blue Birds - Blue Jay, Blue Jake and Blue Jim uses Triple Trouble
  • Yellow Bird - Chuck uses Speeding Thrust
  • Black Bird - Bomb uses Big Explosion or Nuclear Thunder
  • White Bird - Matilda uses Egg Bombardment
  • Boomerang Bird - Hal uses Boomerang Technique
  • Big Brother Bird - Terence uses Big Red Force
  • Orange Bird - Bubbles uses Balloon Burst
  • Pink Bird - Stella uses Bubble Blast or Pink Flash
  • Ice Bird - Chill uses Frozen Grenade
  • Lemon Bird - Poppy uses Tornado Drill
  • Cyan Bird - Luca uses Sonic Soundwave
  • Navy Blue Bird - Willow uses Vortex Saw
  • Brown Bird - Dahilia uses Science-Fu

Enemy Pigs

  • Child (Small) Pig
  • Teenager (Medium) Pig
  • Adult (Large) Pig
  • Corporal (Helmet) Pig
  • Foreman (Mustache) Pig
  • Royal (King) Pig
  • Obese (Fat) Pig
  • Scarecrow Pig
  • Undead (Zombie) Pig
  • Iron (Tough) Pig

Block Materials

  • Glass (Weak)
  • Wood (Medium)
  • Stone (Strong)
  • Iron (Very Strong)
  • Ice (Weak, objects slip on it)
  • Clouds (Weak, Levitates)
  • Snow (Weak, Levitates, objects slip on it)
  • Sand (Medium, Levitates)
  • Gold (Medium, awards more points than normal)
  • Ghost (Specialty; Divide upon being damaged, characters and explosives travel through it, can hold Pigs and support normal blocks)

Available Worlds

Story Levels

  1. Search for Stella (30 levels)
  2. Surf Turf (30 Levels)
  3. Return to Piggy Island (30 Levels)

Editor Levels

  1. Classic-Day (Poached Eggs Part 1)
  2. Classic-Late-Day (Poached Eggs Part 2)
  3. Classic-Evening (Poached Eggs Part 3)
  4. Hoax- Day (Mighty Hoax Part 1)
  5. Hoax- Evening (Mighty Hoax Part 2)
  6. Jungle (Danger Above Part 1)
  7. City (Danger Above Part 2)
  8. Clouds (Danger Above Part 3)
  9. Western (Ham 'Em High)
  10. Mine (Mine and Dine)
  11. Birthday 2011 (Birdday Party Part 1)
  12. Birthday 2012 (Birdday Party Part 2)
  13. Birthday 2013 (Birdday Party Part 3)
  14. Pig Island I (Bad Piggies Part 1)
  15. Pig Island II (Bad Piggies Part 2)
  16. Pig Island III (Bad Piggies Part 3)
  17. Egg Defender (Red's Mighty Feathers)
  18. Laboratory (Short Fuse)
  19. Beachline - Day (Surf and Turf Part 1)
  20. Beachline - Evening (Pigini Beach)
  21. Tropical Forest (Surf and Turf Part 2)
  22. Mountains (Surf and Turf Part 3)
  23. Wonderland (Pig Tales)
  24. Halloween 2010 (Trick or Treat)
  25. Halloween 2011 (Ham'O'Ween)
  26. Halloween 2012 (Haunted Hogs)
  27. Christmas 2010 (Season's Greedings)
  28. Christmas 2011 (Wreck the Halls)
  29. Christmas 2012 (Winter Wonderham)
  30. Christmas 2013 (Arctic Eggspedition)
  31. Valentines' (Hogs and Kisses)
  32. Patrick's (Go Green, Get Lucky)
  33. Easter (Easter Eggs)
  34. Flower Fields (Summer Pignic)
  35. Moon (Summer Pignic Bonus Levels)
  36. Chinese I (Moon Festival)
  37. Chinese II (Year of the Dragon)
  38. Japanese (Cherry Blossom)
  39. Atlantis (Piglantis)
  40. Schoolyard (Back to School)
  41. Magic Show (Abra-Ca-Bacon)
  42. Tribal Mountain (South Hamerica)
  43. Arena (Weekly Tournament)
  44. Arena - Halloween (Halloween Tournament)
  45. Arena - Christmas (Christmas Tournament)
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