Angry Birds World is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game created by Rovio Entertainment. It is based off the Angry Birds puzzle game franchise. It is free to play.


Players design a custom bird, and evolve their abilities. They can design a nest for themself and compete in mini-games, and every so often will be summoned by the main Flock to fight the pigs.


When players are summoned by the flock, they can accept or deny the request. If they accept it, they are grouped with a number of other players and randomly placed within them. When it is there turn, they aim their own bird and choose which ability to use and when. If the group is sucessful, they will earn credits and can chose to either continue to the next stage or go back to the island. When players have enough credits, they can buy power-ups as in the original game. Whole groups can also pool there money together and buy a usage of the Mighty Eagle.


On the island, players can use credits to buy various abilities to make there playing more effective. These are:

  • Speed (Chuck)
  • Division (Blues)
  • Explosion (Bomb)
  • Projectile (Matilda)
  • Boomerang (Al)
  • Expansion (Bubbles)
  • Bubbles (Stella)
  • Lazer (Chuck)
  • Freeze (Ice Bird)
  • Gravity (Space Egg)
  • Saber (Red Skywalker)
  • Laser (Chuck Solo)
  • Force (Obi-Bomb Kenobi)
  • Split (C-3P0)
  • Tractor Beam (Princess Stella Organa)
  • Electrify (R2-D2)
  • Split Laser (Lando Bird)
  • Total Destruction (Mighty Eagle)


After you have earned enough credits, regardless of how many you've spent, you can unlock other "worlds." When Angry Birds Rio is unlocked, your bird is shipped to Rio and a set of levels must be completed before you can return home. From this point onwards, there will ocasionally be a Rio level amongst the regular ones. When Angry Birds Space is unlocked, you are given a rocket which you can use to go to the space levels at any time. Once Angry Birds Star Wars is unlocked, it can also be visited at any time with the rocket. In addition to these, bonus seasonal levels are often made available temporarily.


On the island, players can earn credits by competing in minigames. These include:

  • Go!, a racing game based of Angry Birds Go.
  • King Pig, where players can compete in modified levels similair to the King Pig levels on the original app.
  • Matilda's Cafe, in which you follow orders and try to earn tips.


Players can customise their nest, buying furniture, food, outfits, and more birds and re-arrange the room.

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