The title of the game.

Angry Birds Underwater is a game developed by Rovio which is underwater based.


  • Red Bird: Ca-caws (first bird)
  • Blue Bird: Splits into three (introduced in 1-10)
  • Yellow Bird: Once tapped, it speeds up (introduced in 1-20)
  • Black Bird: Explodes (introduced in 2-10)
  • White Bird: Once tapped, it drops a egg bomb (introduced in 2-20)
  • Boomerang Bird: Once tapped, it turns to the other direction (introduced in 3-10)
  • Big Brother: A Strong bird in the game(introduced in 3-31)
  • Orange Bird: Swells up into a ballon(introduced in 4-16)
  • Lavender Bird: Once tapped, it can go through walls (introduced in 5-10)
  • Powder Blue Tang(boomerang and shake the building)(introduced in 5-20)
  • Grouper(spit 5 fish that can hatch baby fishes that will shake the building)(introduced in 6-16)
  • Tuna(distract sharks to attack)(introduced in 7-13)
  • Viper Fish(spins in a circle)(introduced in 8-11)
  • Angler Fish(spins like a shuriken)(introduced in 8-26)
  • Blue Whale (destroy all pigs)(purchasable)
  • Black Angler Fish (uses it's light to target pigs)(introduced in 9-17)
  • Sleeper Shark(suck pigs)(introduced in 10-30)
  • Sea Turtle(slam to the building)(introduced in 11-10)
  • Narwhal(spin like a drill)(introduced in 11-14)
  • Orca(calls 3 more orca.orca 1:drill,orca 2:boomerang,orca 3:explode and orca 4:speed)(introduced in 11-40)
  • Emperor Penguin(attacks with 4 more penguins)(introduced in 12-27)
  • Ice Bird: Turns surroundings into ice on impact (introduced in 13-15)
  • dolphin fish:spins when the mouse is clicked or the screen is tapped(introduced in 13-30)
  • blue spotted stingray:stings the things in it's surrounding and blow every explosive thing near it.(introduced in 15-3)
  • shotgun bird:shoot rays that is explosive(introduced in 14-5)
  • beach ball bird:if the level's structure have ground under it,it will bounce.if the structure is floating in the sea,the bird will float up(introduced in 14-20).
  • megalodon:enemy of jaws(Bruce) the shark.he helps the birds defeat jaws.
  • peale's dolphin:stun the pigs to the first pain(kills all small pigs)(introduced in 21-1)
  • blue marlin:locks target.(introduced in 24-6)
  • bottlenose dolphin:kills all pigs except mustache and king (to their last pain) by stunning them(introduced in 21-19)
  • mighty sei whale:like mighty blue whale,eagle and dragon.but more challenging.the use of this whale have no difference with the use of space eagles.
  • blue marlin:targets like laser bird but more damaging.(introduced in 28-3)
  • hyrax:jumps up when pressed and comes down like a meteor.(introduced in 27-21)
  • Brygmophyseter:crushes the structure and stuns all normal pigs.(introduced in 22-6)
  • beluga kid :blows 3 deadly bubbles from blowhole.(23-4)
  • spotted dolphin:spits a fire ball(22-18)
  • false killer whale:spits fake pig that explodes and the corpse of it crushes the structure(24-5)
  • Parasauolophus: Release sound waves that kills medium and small pigs (22-20)
  • Opisthocoelicaudia: crush structures with large steps (23-10)
  • leopard seal: kills pig by spinning into the structure (23- 14)
  • pink bird: blows bubbles (23- 15)
  • Oddobenocetops : stabs pigs (23-18)
  • Basilosaurus: swims and crush structures (24-3)
  • Temnodontosaurus: crush structures and sucks small pigs. (24-15)
  • Opthalmosaurus: same as Temnodontosaurus (24-15)


  • mermaid tail
  • skeleton
  • Pillars
  • rock
  • starfish
  • fish skeleton
  • barrel
  • coconut
  • melon
  • wooden boat
  • rubber boat
  • ball
  • floating board
  • floating ring
  • t-Rex skull
  • rotten Sakura flower
  • Beachball


  • Small, Medium and Large Pigs
  • Helmet Pig
  • Mustache Pig
  • Poseidon King Pig
  • Mermaid Pig
  • Aqua Pig
  • Queen Pig
  • Princess and Prince Pig
  • pirate king pig
  • majungatholus cager mustache
  • pirate worker pig
  • boat cleaner pig
  • whaler pig

other enemies

  • little krakens
  • jaws
  • lobsters
  • piranha
  • 3 mega bosses in the same time:
  1. titanic ruins:king pig in his sub,queen pig in a ball,mustache and helmet pig in a space pod(underwater)
  2. jaws!megalodon!:after completing level 17-19,a video will appear,back in the cold seas a block of ice floating in there break summoning globidens and some black the the sea near a part of china where the birds celebrate the birds celebrate the moon cake festival a shipwreck sank and broke another shipwreck ressurecting a los Angeles kronosaurus break free.they all head to the birds.the pigs hide.after finishing the level some ospreys steal the eggs making the fight in shallow water some marine creatures excluding blue whale and penguins just watch from distance.
  • cyborg robot mermaids
  • evil sirens (looks like in IA4)
  • Giant Kraken
  • Giant Moray eel


  • Angler Fish hat
  • Scuba-diving goggles and snorkel
  • shark bite safety helmet
  • pirate costume(hat,eyepatch,necklace)



The Deep-sea Dive

  1. The Deep-sea Dive(1-1 to 3-21)
  2. Hideous Reef(4-1 to 6-21)
  3. The Mid-night Zone(7-1 to 10-30)
  4. The Cold Seas(11-1 to 12-40)
  5. Titanic Ruins(13-1 to 15-30)
  6. jaws!megalodon!(16-1 to 18-20)
  7. osprey attack!(19-1 to 20-40)
  8. dolphin cove terror(21-1 to 25-30)
  9. pirate treasure(26-1 to 28-20)

Fun Facts

  • The Ice Bird is the same one from Angry Birds Space.
  • Since Jaws! Megalodon! is above the water, there are only birds on that theme.(Blue Whale is still useable, though.)Then in dolphin cove terror they are useable again.
  • the Hyraxes are inspired from the film,ice age continental drift
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