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Angry Birds The New makes new appearance and new episodes! After fifth episode of The New 4 release, this game now in HD version. Fan game made byTheBigBoomerangFan .



    1. Returning Birds
    2. New Playable Character
    3. Bird Power
    4. Pigs
  1. Episodes
    1. The New 1
    2. The New 2
    3. The New 3
    4. The New 4
    5. The New Finale
    6. Special
  2. Power-Ups
    1. Power-ups each episodes
  3. Tournament  Special (for web-version only) 
    1. Tournaments
  4. Free Version/ Web version
    1. Episodes
    2. Power-Ups
  5. Gallery
  6. Gallery (episodes)
  7. Trivia


Returning Birds

  • Red
  • Jake,Jay and Jim
  • Chuck
  • Bomb
  • Matilda
  • Al
  • Terrence
  • Bubbles
  • Ice (first appearance in Frozen Pole)
  • Stella (first appearance in Bubble Gobble)
  • Mighty

New Playable Character

  • Bounce Bird (Brown)( bounce when clicked)(first appearance in On the Sea)
  • Stone Beak Bird ( crushes all blocks in his path)
  • Missle Bird ( drop 3 missles when clicked)
  • Sneeze Bird ( makes an ultimate sneeze when tapped
  • Archaeopteryx bird (drops many feathers and then trounce to the fort)
  • Sheriff piglet (nice pig and kill green pigs because they stealer pooh's honey)(throw sharp stars and chains to the building)
  • Marine Blue Bird(bites the building even when being a corpse)
  • Pooh bear(throws honey pots and bees)
  • Buck(throw berries and knives)
  • Roger(swoop down to the fort)
  • Gold Bird (is gray untill click, then darts strait down)
  • Atomic Bird(bomb birds mutant brother, 3x as large explosion and kills pigs within 9 atomic birds away)
  • Mega bird (can be controlled by dragging, turns into a comet, and the reaction wave kills pigs within 11 mega birds away
  • Stealth Bomb Bird( It will stealth when flying, explose when click it) (first appearance in Stormy Road)
  • Chickadee bird: Explodes into a ball of fire. (first appearrance in Pig of the Mount)
  • Wind Bird (blows a wind to the fortress to make the fortress unstable.First appeared in Windy Tornado)
  • Santa TNT Bird ( throws 5 TNT gift and explose if double click, only appears in Blizzard Camp).
  • Striped bird (shoves three X TNT boxes in all directions)
  • Green bomb bird (Spin back like a boomerang and Exploding)
  • Lich bird (launches enormous nuke which will create a huge explosion killing 95%-100% of the pigs on screen)
  • Fireworks Bird (lauches fireworks to the fotress and kills pigs that near to the fireworks explosion)
  • Lava Bird (explode into medium lava that can melt items,woods and glasses)
  • Santa Pig (only appear in The Last Winter, throws random gift that can crush the fortress)

Bird Power

  • Red power from Red's Mighty Feathers (only appears in The Last Winter)


  • Normal Pigs
  • Helmet Pig
  • Moustache Pig
  • King Pig
  • Guard Pig (only appears in Master of the Egg and Pigs Mastered).
  • Emperor Pig (only appears in Master of the Egg and Pig Mastered).
  • Paper Pig (only appears in Piggy Paper, they not an enemy but can make the player confuses with one the original pig, the clue to find the paper pig is this Paper Pig not make any move).
  • Snowpig (only appears in Blizzard Camp, they resembles snow man and also enemy that same as Scarecrow Pig in Haunted Hog).
  • Fat Pig ( first appearance in HD Flockstyle)


The New 1

The New 2

The New 3

The New 4

The New Finale


  • Golden Eggs
  • Golden Items ( 31 levels)
  • Hidden Episode ( 50 levels)
  • Mighty Levels ( 25 levels)
  • Bomb's Levels ( random, all level in The New) 
  • Boss Fight ( 31 levels, each levels unlocked by all 3 stars in each episodes)


  • Super Seeds: Turn any bird on the slingshot bigger and tougher.
  • King Sling: upgrades slingshot so that when flung, birds can go faster and farther than before.
  • Birdquake: Rumbles the ground in a level and can make pig's structures fall down.
  • TNT Drops: Drops 3 TNT from above.
  • Clone Bird: Clone the same bird that on the slingshot.

Power-ups each episodes

  • Doom-Pig - Few pigs in Pigdustry's levels will turn dark green and they explost when hit it.
  • Bubble Pig- Same as power-up in Angry Birds Space, Pig Puffer. (On the Sea)
  • Raining-Stone- Many stones fall that will break the fortress. (Deep and Down)
  • Tarzan Time- The mysterious thing swing very fast breaks down the fortress. (Forest Explorer)
  • Slippery Honey- The honey will appears at the ground that will make the fortress unstable. (Honey Home)
  • Space Egg- Same as power-up in Angry Birds Space. (Space of Pig)
  • Extra Ice- 3 Ice-TNT will appear in the level, same as TNT drops. (Frozen Pole)

More coming soon......

Tournament  Special (for web-version only) 

Tournament for this game is for limited time only. Power-ups are free in this tournament.


  • Cristmas Tournament - Same as tournament in Angry Birds Friends but from 24 to 31 December.
  • New Year Tournament - New Year Special from 26 December to 2 January 2013.

Free Version/ Web version

This free version is a free-ads and only has 10 episodes.Mighty Eagle also free in this version.

New updates, now has 13 episodes.


Only 10 levels each episodes.

  • Pigdustry
  • On the Sea
  • Deep and Down
  • Forest Explorer
  • Honey Home
  • Space of Pigs
  • Frozen Pole
  • Stormy Road
  • Pig of the Mount
  • Icy Peak
  • Piggies Crystal
  • Bubble Gobble
  • Milky Breakfast


Sling-scope is the only power-up in free version.


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Gallery (episodes)

  • Pigdustry

1 of 35


  • Milky Breakfast and Honey Home are food-themed level.
  • In Master of the Eggs, Guard Pig and Emperor Pig steal all eggs that they were stole before. Emperor Pig is 2 times stronger than King Pig and Guard Pig is 2 times stronger than Helmet Pig.
  • Only Watery Cloud that do not have ground, but this episode have water.
  • On the Sea, Piggies Crystal, Watery Cloud, Foggy Harbour and Something Fishing are water-themed episodes.
  • Windy Tornado is the only wind-themed episode.
  • Blizzard Camp is a christmas special episode and has 25 levels, one level opened in one day.
  • Frozen Pole, Icy Peak and Blizzard Camp are snow-themed episodes.
  • Since Master of the Eggs, Emperor and Guard Pig appear in the last episode each pack. 
  • The New Finale will be the extremely hardest part in the game.
  • Pigdustry and On the Sea appearance had newly changed after Lava Crater update and another episodes will be changed after another update.
  • This game have 4 different themes, the main theme is from Angry Birds Trilogy, second theme is from Winter Wonderham (Blizzard Camp), third theme is shorter version of Shuffle and Spawn (Dark Street) and forth is Arctic Eggspedition (The Last Winter).