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Angry Birds TV is a Angry Birds TV show.


Season 1

Promo (Ep 1 in prodution):

Angry Birds

Plot: An explination of the birds and pigs.

Ep 1.

Poached Eggs

Plot: The Pigs steal the eggs for the first time.

Quote: "Your birthday is on the 12th of December, King, so Happy Early Birthday!" Grandpa Pig

Ep 2.

What You Wish Part 1

Plot: Blue Jay (The first Blue Bird) wishes he had more of him, and it ends up in a Blue Bird invasion!

Quote: "I can make a movie of this: 'When Blue Birds Attack!'" Bomb (Black bird

Ep 3.

Voodoo Doom

Plot: The pigs make a voodoo bird.

Quote: "I asked for white bird dolls, not...uh....brownish greyish ones!" Chuck (Yellow Bird)

Ep 4.

What You Wish Part 2

Plot: Blue Joe (The second Blue Bird) remakes a Blue Bird clone, and the invasion starts again!

Quote: "These clones were dead! Are they zombies?" Red (Red Bird)

Ep 5.

What You Wish Part 3

Plot: Blue Jim (The third Blue Bird) makes a clone making Blue Bird robot!

Quote: "This guy's HUGE! Blue Birds, did you wish for a robot of yourselfs?" Matilda (White Bird)


In the middle of What You Wish Parts 3 and 4, a movie will be released. Not much is known about this movie.

Ep 6.

What You Wish Pt 4

Plot: In the last part of the What You Wish, Blue Birds parachute from the sky.

Quote: "Hope this is the last time THIS happens." Red (Red Bird)

Ep. 7

Angry Annoying Orange

Plot: Annoying Orange vists Angry Bird Island.

Quote: "A talking orange? This'll NEVER work!" Red (Red Bird)

Ep. 8

The Candy's Revenge (Halloween Episode)

Plot: The pigs make walking, talking candies.

Quote: "I had a dream about this once, only the candy was dancing and not trying to steal our eggs." Orange Bird

Ep. 9

Hungry Piggies TV (April Fools Episode)

Plot: The pigs try to steal eggs.

Quote: "WE GOT THEM!" Helmet Pig

Ep. 10

The End? (Season Finale)

Plot: Matilda is forced to leave The Flock forever.

Quote: "I thought I'd never say this, but goodbye." Matilda (White Bird

Season 2

Promo (Ep 11 in production):

They're Back!!!

Plot: The Angry Birds hop out of an iPod and make their way to a television.

Quote: "We need to get to that TV! Chuck, AWAY!!! (jumps and crashes on table)" Chuck (Yellow Bird) 

Ep. 12

Boomtime! (Season 2 Premire) 

Plot: A collection of Bomb's funny quotes and explosions from Season 1.

Quote: "Now that's how I boom!" Bomb (Black Bird)

Ep. 13


Plot: The Blues gain a big fear of Bomb exploding, and Matilda is determined to figure out what caused it!

Quote: "Hey, remember that episode where we saw a bunch of my quotes and explosions? THAT might have caused it!" Bomb (Black Bird)

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