Angry Birds Supercharged is a game by Rovio 2D.


  • Episode 1: The birds find a liquid called SuperSodium which can give them brand new abilities! But the pigs who have stolen the eggs are now after the SuperSodium.
  • Episode 2: The birds find a message from Ice Bird telling them he have sent the SuperSodium to aid the birds in case the pigs' structures are a challenge.
  • Episode 3: Coming Soon


  • Red Bird (Screams)
  • Supercharged Ability: Lets off a shock.
  • Blue Bird (Splits Into 3)
  • Supercharged Ability: Splits into 10 birds.
  • Yellow Bird (Speeds Up)
  • Supercharged Ability: Ram the structure.
  • Black Bird (Explodes)
  • Supercharged Ability: Explodes into a big supernova.
  • White Bird (Lays An Egg)
  • Supercharged Ability: Throws herself at the structure.
  • Green Bird (Boomerangs Back)
  • Supercharged Ability: Throws itself like a ninja star.


  • Minion Pigs
  • Helmet Pig
  • Grandpa Pig
  • King Pig


  1. Mystery Potion
  2. Ice's Help
  3. Super-Piggies! (Coming Soon)
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