Angry Birds Star Wars (also known as Angry Rebels) is the newest game from Rovio. So far it has episodes based on A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi.


Luke (Red Bird)

Leia (Black Bird, but looks like White


C-3PO (Boomerang Bird)

R2-D2 (Blue Bird)

Yoda (Blue Bird, for unknown reasons)

Chewbacca (Big Brother Bird)

Han Solo (Yellow Bird)


Jabba the Hutt (Unknown, possibly Fat Pig)

Darth Vader (Mustache Pig)

Stormtrooper (Small, Mediam, and Large Pigs)

Emporer Palpitine (Unknown, possibly King Pig)

Boba Fett (Unknown, possibly Helmet Pig)

Tuskin Raider (Mediam Pigs)

Jawa Pigs (Do not appear in level, but in cutsceane.)


1. Droid Escape

2. Droid Rescue

3. Hoth Battle

4. Return of the Bird


The updates coming soon are updates based on the prequels of Star Wars

(Orange Bird and White Bird have not appeared in the game. But they might appear later.)

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