These TV Specials were a collection of 6 half-hour episodes based on the Pig Bang, Cold Cuts, Utopia, and Red Planet. Fry Me to the Moon is combined with Cold Cuts. It was the sequel to Angry Birds II. Shortly after the airing of Red Planet, Angry Birds III was released in theatres.


No. Name Plot
1 Pig Bang While Bubbles, Al, and Stella are gone, a Wormhole appears. The Rest of the Flock finds the Ice Bird and go through it. The Ice Bird goes back to his own Planet. They have brought there increased eyesight pieces with them.
2 Cold Cuts They find the Ice Bird, and his species enslaved by the space Pigs. Behind their backs, he is plotting with his species to exploit them. Bomb see and tells red, who doesn't believe him and says Ice Bird is their friend.
3 Utopia The Fat Pig, who was freed by the other Pigs, eats one of the blue birds. He is defeated and the Blue Bird Freed. Bubbles arrives in a space capsule, and is welcomed by the other Birds.


Red Planet

Seeing there home very close, the Blue Birds are excited. However, they must first get past Mars. They defeat the Moustache Pig, but the King Pig is still at large. He opens another wormhole ato earth. The Birds follow.

2 Star Wars They end up in an alternate universe due to a quantum anomaly. They observe alternate versions of themselves in scenarios the green and orange birds are familiar with, having watched more movies than the other birds. The blue birds are very upset about not making it home, but the red and black birds cheer him up. Eventually the normal pigs get bored of watching the alternate versions of themselves get beaten and leave. The Birds Follow.
6 The Pig Dipper Bubbles reveals that he has bought new abilities with him. The birds begin using them. They begin winning their battles more easily,  but the pigs begin building more complex shelters and hiding in oceans.
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