The NEW APP with anti-gravity space in new galaxy and other galaxy is out! Now, The Flocks and Bad Piggies has big adventure in new galaxies! There are 4 planets each galaxy and each planet have a boss battle.


Returning Birds

  • Red
  • Bomb
  • Chuck
  • The Blues
  • Terrence
  • Ice
  • Bubbles
  • Space Egg

New Birds

  • Space Wind Bird (blow up the fotress with huge wind, much like 2 times powerful than Obi Wan in ABSW).
  • Rocket Launcher Bird ( launch 3 rockets in 3 direction where the fotress located when clicked at the target).
  • Large Feather Bird ( turn into 10 big feather in all direction, same to C-3PO in ABTW). 

Galaxies & Planets

Blue Galaxy

  • Green Day- 30 levels, 3 egg levels, replaced at normal green planet that covered by small trees,grasses and vegetable from Pig Bang.
  • Rocky Situation- 30 levels, 3 egg levels, replaced at rocky planet and convered with huge rock and one of the level have the huge rock in the world that located at Australia.
  • Middle Belt- 30 levels, 3 egg levels, this level not contains many planets and most of the level covered with astroids.
  • Once the Blue Moon- 30 levels, 3 egg levels, same as Fry Me to the Moon but have 30 levels in it.

Desert Galaxy

coming soon 



  • Middle Belt in level selection replaced by small pig fotress that located at the middle of 3 astroids, and not a planet.
  • The Galaxy selection much like Season selection in Angry Birds Seasons, Pack selection in Angry Birds The New and other Angry Birds game.
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