Angry Birds Skylanders is a game made by three companies, Rovio, Toys 4 Bob, and Rovio 2D.


The Arkeyan Pigs stole the Eggs of Light, sending the Skylander Birds to Earth. Later, they were found in Rovio's office. The Skylander Birds got sucked into Angry Birds Skylanders by a new invention.


  • Spyro Bird (Red Bird ): First appears in 1-1, power is to shoot fire in front of him
  • Gill Grunt Bird (Male White Bird): First appears in 1-10, power is to shoot water on a target
  • Trigger Happy Bird (Yellow Bird): First appears in 1-13, power is to shoot an explosive missle at a target
  • Stealth Elf Bird (Female Boomerang Bird): First appears in 3-5, power is to be invisible
  • Whirlwind Bird (Female Blue Bird): First appears in 3-12, power is to shoot an explosive rainbow
  • Stump Smash Bird (Big Brother Bird): First appears in 4-10, power is to smash down and then jump high
  • Zook (Male White Bird): First appears in 5-10, power is to shoot a Red Bird-sized missle)

Mighty Creatures

  • Mighty Eon: Same as Mighty Eagle
  • Giants: Not Released Yet


  • Arkeyan Pigs (Minions): First appear in 1-1
  • Arkeyan Guard (Helmet): First appear in 1-15
  • Arkeyan War Machine (Grandpa): First appear in 2-15
  • Kaos (King): Have not appeared yet


  • Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Episodes
  • Grassy Plains (1-1 to 2-15)
  • Magic Road (3-1 to 4-15)
  • Forest Of Life (5-1 to 6-15)
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