Angry Bird Regenerade

Angry Birds Regenerade logo

Angry Birds Regnerade is an my new fanmade game idea


The birds were happy with their eggs but the green pigs stole the eggs again, the birds became angry and followed them but discovered that the green pigs had a huge fortress then the birds decided to attack and destroy the fortress of the green pigs



  • Fat Pig


  1. The revenge of the Pigs
  2. Pipe Underground
  3. Giant Airplane
  4. Snow Mountain
  5. The Volcano
  6. Space Portal
  7. The Pigs fotress

​Special episodes

  1. The Special
  2. Diamond eggs(Golden eggs remake)


In this game these are introduced the bosses

  1. The revenge of the Pig-King Pig Walking tank
  2. Pipe Underground-King Pig Drill
  3. Giant Airplane-King Pig Airplane
  4. Snow Mountain-King Pig Snowcat
  5. The Volcano-King Pig Lava machine
  6. Space Portal-King Pig Shuttle
  7. The Pigs fotress-King Pig Robot
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