Angry Birds Plus is an my new fan made game idea
Angry Bird Plus

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The birds are quiet and their eggs, but one day the eggs had disappeared because the green pigs had stolen so they decided to attack them, but found that the green pig were stronger than before and is believed doomed, but then came the other birds more strong that they decided to attack with the green pigs



  • Fat Pig


  1. Poached Eggs
  2. Mighty Hoax
  3. The Big Setup
  4. Mine and Dine
  5. Danger Above
  6. Ham 'em High
  7. The Test

Special episodes

  1. Birdday Party
  2. Golden Eggs
  3. Golden Dragons
  4. Chrome Dimension(Google Plus and Google Chrome Version)


  • This game is an modified version of the first Angry Birds game
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