Angry Birds PC logo

Angry Birds PC logo

Angry Birds PC is Terrificante41's new fanmade game idea.


The birds got an PC and they play with it, but the Pigs steal their eggs again, The birds hunt them but an pig became the computer, and turns it into a absorbing machine and it absorbs pigs, birds and the birds' eggs, the birds begin to be angry and they attack the pigs to save their eggs and then escape from the computer.



  • Fat Pig


  1. Inside the PC
  2. The Desktop
  3. DVD Reader and CD Reader
  4. Text Program
  5. Paint
  6. Video Editor
  7. Media Player
  8. A Videogame
  9. Internet
  10. Computer Resources
  11. The Motherboard
  12. Webcam

Special episodes

  1. Computer Eggs (Golden eggs remake)
  2. Mac OS
  3. Google Chrome
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