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Angry Birds Origins is a drama-tragedy fan comic created by the Fan_AngryBirds Twitter page, which IS indeed real. Link: The comic began on December 2, 2012 with a continuing page every Sunday. A teaser and official release poster were also revealed. The plot takes place before the first game, and explains the origin of the eggs and possibly Terence.


  • SPOILER ALERT* If you have not read the comic, do NOT read this.

Two married birds named Terry (dad) and Beatrence (mom) laid four eggs on the near-edge of a cliff and decided to name them names inspired by the bird names of the future era (from the past prespective) Beatrence decides to name one of them Terence, which is how the adult Terence got his name (a cross of the parents' names). When they start discussing the name, a mysterious egg-eating bird swoops down and steal the eggs. Terry and Beatrence try to get them back, but fall off the cliff and drown in the sea. One of the eggs hatches in the bird's mouth, and the bird drops the eggs from the pain of his beak. The eggs land on a cliff, and Terence hatches. He wonders where his parents are, then notices the eggs. His makes a nest for them and says that he hopes his parents return, of course they will not because they drowned. Terence takes a portait of his family with him, and starts living in a cave. Over time, Terence ages into a grumpy giant. 45 years later, the Blues (Jim, Jay and Jake) are playing with their ball, strolling through the forest, and accidentally kick the ball into Terence's cave. They venture inside, but are frightened out of the cave by the monstrous bird. Red and Matilda are playing chess when suddenly the Blues tell them about the monster. Red doesn't believe them, but they go anyway. Matilda is told of the location, and they all head to the cave. Terence growls at the group, but Red calms him down when he tells them they do not mean any harm. Terence slightly reveals himself, and Red becomes extremely agitated at the Blues. Red scolds them harshly, and puts them on time-out in the forest. Matilda is upset with Red's decision, and tells him to go and find them. Red tries calling them, but never succeeds to, even when night falls. Red is very tired by that time, but soon becomes shocked when he sees three eggs on a cliff - presumably the same ones from forty-five years ago. Red takes them back to the group, and explains where he found them. However, the egg-eating bird steals the eggs yet again, and it is soon revealed that the bird also kidnapped the Blues, and plans to eat both the eggs and birds. Red quickly jumps in, and stabs the bird until he falls into the river.

Comic creator Fan_AngryBirds of Twitter said that the comic was inspired by the book "National Geographic Angry Birds: Fed Up, Feathered and Furious".

Physical Appearences:

Terry: Red feathers, beige stomach, pattered spots, black eyes

Beatrence: Red feathers, beige stomach, patterned spots, black eyes, bow tie

Baby Terence: Pink feathers, scattered spots, no top feathers

Adult Terence: Dark red feathers, dark beige stomach, scattered spots, black eyes

Blue Jim: Spiked top feathers, brown eyes

Blue Jake: Blue eyes

Blue Jay: Teal eyes

Red: Red feathers, beige stomach, scattered spots, blue eyes

Matilda: White feathers, light pink stomach, teal eyes

Bomb: Black feathers, gray stomach, white spot on forehead, square top feather, blue eyes

Chuck: Yellow feathers, white stomach, black top feathers, brown eyes

The release poster.

The Prologue "Part 1"

"The other Part 1".

Part 2

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