Angry Birds Mountain Eggs is a game that you fight Mountain Pigs to get back eggs.



The Cobalt Plateaus are shown and it shows the Birds. The birds are doing what they like to do. The screen shifts to Pig City and the Pigs are shown making plans for Battle. Some are having fun. Back to Cobalt Plateaus, a pig that is like a mixed Corporal Pig and King Pigs steal the eggs. The original King Pig try to steal the eggs, but both King Pig and Red saw that the eggs are gone! They agree to work together and get the eggs back from the Miner Piggies inside the Hog Head Mountain.

Defeat of Spider-Pig

The pigs are doing some stuff while the birds are fighting the Spider-Pig. He climbs to the top of the mountain, but defeated. He agrees to fight back against the Mountain Pigs.

Start of The Big Cave

Stella's flock landed on the island. They also agreed to work together. Gale, rather opposes and rests. Dahlia appeared inside Spider-Mine. The birds are surprised about that, except Stella and her flock.

Defeat of Fat Miner Pig

Fat Miner Pig blows a final blow while Frosty is falling down so tht Frosty was blown away. He got slung out of the slingshot and froze th Fat Miner Pig. Turns out, it was just a decoy made by Helmet King.

Start of The Wrath of the Hypnotizer

Gale and King Pig are going into the cave to find the pigs. But, Helmet King points a machine at them and shoots it at them. The two became loyal to him. Meanwhile, at Hog Head Mountain, the birds are looking for the two. They went inside the mine and looked for the two. Helmet King points the machine at them, but h realized that there is no more ammo. He goes in the storage and orders the pigs to defend the mchine.

Defeat of Hypnotized King Pig

King Pig turns back to reality and destroys the machine. Helmet King turns back and tries to look for the machine, but fails. King Pig almost destroys him, but Helmet King used his extra helmet and headbutted him, making him fall out of the mountain.


  1. Red - Screams.
  2. The Blues - Splits into 3.
  3. Chuck - Speeds up time.
  4. Bomb - Explodes.
  5. Matilda - Drops an explosive egg.
  6. Hal - Boomerangs.
  7. Terrence - Massive Power when landed.
  8. Bubbles - Inflates like a balloon.
  9. Stella - Makes a bubble to nearby blocks and enemies.
  10. Frosty - Freezes nearby blocks and pigs. (Ice Bird)
  11. Tony - Like Tony in ABSeasons.
  12. Painted Stella - Like Stella in ABStella.
  13. Poppy - Drills down.
  14. Luca - Scares and weakens pigs.
  15. Willow - Turns while the screen is being holded.
  16. Gale - Puts magic powder into the blocks, which makes them weak.
  17. Dahlia - Teleports then attacks teleported area.
  18. Corporal Pig - Helmet drops off.
  19. Moustache Pig - Throws a dynamite that acts like a TNT when touched.
  20. Chronicler Pig - Wigs fall down.
  21. King Pig - Shines, killing very near pigs.
  22. Ironclad Pig - Drops down Ironclad Shield.
  23. Pigmy - Releases Pigmy Tribe, which is 4 more pigmies.
  24. Wizpig - Uses magic to wherever you tap.


  1. Basic Miner Pig - Comes in 3 sizes. A basic piggy.
  2. Steel Helmet Pig - Has a steel helmet.
  3. Old Miner Pig - Is tougher than a basic miner.
  4. Old Steel Helmet Pig - Is tougher than both of the above pigs.
  5. Helmet King - The boss of the Miner Pigs.
  6. Hypnotized Gale - Uses pickax to dodge attacks. Is not counted as a pig.
  7. Hypnotized King Pig - Burps to slow down nearby birds.


  1. Spider-Pig - Climbs walls and saves nearby pigs.
  2. Fat Miner Pig - Burps which makes wind that slows birds down, occasionally.
  3. Sand Helmet King - Can release sand to slow down the birds, then goes down to find more.
  • You may suggest ideas below, but make sure it is related to mining or have the word Miner.


  1. Stone - The weakest material. All birds and pigs can now easily destroy Stone, as now they are stronger.
  2. Iron - A tough material like Steel.
  3. Steel - A tough material like Iron.
  4. Gold - The second weakest material. Like Wood.
  5. Sand - A soft material that can hold up structures. Only appears at Diggy Diggy Beach.


  1. Diamond
  2. Copper, Silver, Iron or Gold Bars
  3. Pickax
  4. Lanters - Can shine a playfield.
  5. Helmet
  6. El Porkador suit - Appears once every 5 stages. Worth 10,000 points.


  1. Birdquake - An earthquake.
  2. Lantern - Shines a bigger playfield.
  3. Power Potion - Enlarges your bird.
  4. Homing Bird - Attacks the first miner on the radar.
  5. Sling Scope - Laser for accurate targets.
  6. Superhero Terrence - Changes the bird into Wingman.
  7. Feathery Red - Changes the bird into Red with power.
  8. Telepods - Use a Mountain Telepod to add allies!
  9. Ally Swap - Swaps the current ally with an available ally.


  1. Spider-Mine
  2. The Big Cave
  3. The Wrath of the Hypnotizer
  4. Diggy Diggy Beach
  5. Mining at the Forest


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