Angry Birds Minecraft is a game that you can pick birds' or pigs' side. You can play Minecraft in this game,you can go to the Witch's Hut,it acts like an store in Angry Birds Star Wars II and there will be new characters. The pigs that can you play are the piggies in King Pig Mode.



Red                                                                                          Minion Pig

The Blues                                                                                 Tiny Pig

Chuck                                                                                      Jetpack Pig

Bomb                                                                                      Corporal Pig

Matilda                                                                                    Bowling Ball Pig

Al (Hal,whatever)                                                                      Boomerang Pig

Terence                                                                                   Fat Pig

Bubbles                                                                                  Balloon Pig

Stella                                                                                      Female Pig

Ice                                                                                          NONE!

Mighty                                                                                    NONE!


Sky Does Minecraft                                                                 Wither Skeleton

Deadlox                                                                                  Herobrine

Minecraft Universe                                                                   Villager

ItsJerryandHarry                                                                      Witch

ExplodingTNT                                                                         Blaze

Notch                                                                                    Endermen

Element Animation                                                                 Zombie Pigbird

Iron Golem                                                                            Slime

Snow Golem                                                                         Creeper (strucked by lightning)

Slamacow                                                                             Creeper

MiningMovies                                                                        Skeleton Archer

SSundee                                                                              Magma Cube


New World

Cave of Darkness


The Dungeon

Village of the Villagers

Witch Hut (episode)

The End

Mods Level

The Desert

Ore Level (Golden Eggs)

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