Angry Birds Island is an online game. It's kind of like Club Penguin, but it has an Angry Birds theme. It was released January 12, 2013.

Log In

If you already played, here's what you do:

  1. Click the "Log In" button on the homepage.
  2. Enter in your bird name and password.
  3. Choose Safe Chat or Type Chat.
  4. Choose your'e server.
  5. Your on!

If this is your first time on the site, here's what you do:

  1. Click the "Join NOW!" button on the homepage.
  2. Choose you're bird (More about them in the Birds section of this article)
  3. Enter in you're bird name and your password (twice).
  4. Go back to the homepage and click the "Log In" button.
  5. Click on the "Activate Account" button.
  6. Enter in your'e bird name and password.
  7. Then follow steps 3-5 on the first paragraph.


Here's a list of birds playable ingame.

  • Red (All players)
  • Blue Jay (All players)
  • Chuck (All players)
  • Bomb (Members only when joining, all players in game)
  • Matilda (Same as Bomb)
  • Al (Same as Bomb)
  • Terrence (Same as Bomb)
  • Orange Bird (Same as Bomb)
  • Stella (Same as Bomb)
  • Pig (More infomation on how to unlock in August)

If you dont like your original bird, you can buy a Bird Chip for 60 Egg Coins in Matilda's Fashion Shop. They are like colors from Club Penguin. There is a Bird Chip for every bird. They get saved into your items, and when you use one, you turn into that bird.




Here's a list of Hatchlings avalible ingame.

  • Red Egg (All players)
  • Blue Egg (All players)
  • Yellow Egg (All players)
  • Black Egg (Members only)
  • White Egg (All players)
  • Green Egg (Members only)
  • Big Bro Egg (Members only)
  • Orange Egg (Members only)
  • Pink Egg (Members only)
  • Magic Egg (Members Only, Magic-Fest 2013 only)

Each Hatchling costs 500 Egg Coins, and can be brought in the Egg Protection Center.

Caring for Hatchlings

During a Hatchling's first year (3 months), all it needs is food. If a Hatchling starves, you'll have to wait longer (4-6 months) for it to hatch. Here's a list of changes it goes under in it's first year:

  • 1st month: Same as Eggs in Angry Birds game
  • 2nt month: Cracks in egg
  • 3rd month: Hatches into smaller version of it's color bird (Example: Yellow Egg= Chuck)

When it hatches, it needs food, play, and sleep. If you dont take care of your Hatchling, it will get sick.


  • Birds' Nest
  • King Pig Castle
  • Piggy Bay
  • Mighty Eagle's Cave
  • ???
  • Birdy Center
  • Piggy Plaza
  • Egg Protection Center (In Birdy Center, Where you adopt Hatchlings)
  • Piggy Pizza (In Piggy Plaza)
  • Matilda's Fashion Shop (In Birdy Center)
  • The Dancing Bird Club (In Birdy Center)
  • Worm Shop (In Birdy Center)
  • The Bird Theater (In Piggy Plaza)
  • Egg Hill
  • You're Nest (Like an igloo in Club Penguin)
  • Bird Training Center (BTC)
  • Magic Show (For Magic-Fest 2013)


  • Piglantis Party (June 22-July 13 2013)
  • Back To School Bash (August 29-September 3 2013)
  • Piggy Celebration (September 19-30, 2013)
  • Halloween Party (October 19-November 1, 2013)
  • Space/Star Wars Smash Up (November 15-December 2, 2013)
  • Holiday Party (December 16-January 1, 2013-2014)


Starting with Piglantis Party 2013, some parties may contain bosses to fight. Here is a list.

  • Krak-ham (Piglantis Party 2013)
  • Nep-swine (Piglantis Party 2013)


If you want to work on Angry Birds Island, please contact me at my page. Unknown users are able to apply, but they can't do certain jobs.

  • Room Designer (Open)
  • What they do: They design rooms for the game.
  • Logo Designer (Open)
  • What they do: They will design the logo for the game.
  • Sprite Designer (Open)
  • What they do: They design sprite sheets for the birds.
  • Item Designer (Open)
  • What they do: They design new clothing and furniture for the game.
  • Idea Team (5 openings)
  • What they do: They create ideas for the game.
  • Moderators (5 openings)
  • What they do: They look at reports about bad users and ban them if needed.
  • Hirer (Open)
  • What they do: They approve users to hire to join the team if the creator cannot be online.

Space Flock

The Space Flock is a special members-only group. You must complete five challenges in order to become a Space Flock member. Once you are, you can play Space Showdown to earn Space Bird Coins (a currency ONLY to be spent on Space Flock items), then spend them for Space Flock member-only items. You can also play weekly missions.


  • Egg Protection (Your Nest)
  • King Pig Feeding (King Pig's Castle)
  • Order Up! (Piggy Pizza)
  • Fashion Contest (Matilda's Fashion Shop)
  • Gone Fishin' (Worm Shop)
  • Space Showdown (Space Flock HQ)
  • Magic Hats (For Magic-Fest 2013)
  • Catch The Bunny (For Magic-Fest 2013)
  • Leveling Up (For Magic-Fest 2013)
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