The Sequel to Angry Birds: Origins explores how far the Pigs will go to keep their eggs, as well as showing the origins of Golden Eggs and the King Pig bonus levels. It is the sequel to Angry Birds: Origins. This was followed by a mini-series of 4 TV specials based on Angry Birds Space.


The Birds are now winning the battle with the help of the Mighty Eagle. The King Pig orders new buildings be made and hidden. The Pigs figure out a way to hide a building in an egg.

In the Wild West, a large explosion is heard. Everyone stares at Bomb.

The King Pig eats one of the eggs with buildings inside, and so they are painted Gold to distinguish them.

Deep Underground, the pigs are looking at the shiny jewels. As this is happening, they are all hit. One of the Pigs is heard saying "Ouch".

The Blues find Bubbles captured by the pigs, and he frees himself. They give him a position in the Flock.

Some Pigs show their King a new method of changing materials into other ones. The King Pig does not approve, but allows it to be kept.

The Birds have created Super Seeds, which make them much bigger. Terrence accidentally eats 10, and the Mighty eagle looks up afraid.

The Pigs create a Time Device which will only give the Birds a small amount of time to use it. However, the birds will become unlimited when this happens.

The Birds have a machine that can cause earthquakes, which works very effectively.

The side affect is fixed, but the birds have rigged up the Black Bird so they can tap and explode parts of the shelter.

The Birds increase their vision abilities so that they can see excactly where they will go.

The King Pig decides to do exactly what the birds do, and steal the eggs from shelters.

A new Slingshot is built with much more powerful shots.

The Pigs are teaching there young children that Eggs must be stolen, but are defeated by Stella. With there increased vision, the birds see her.

Stella, Bubbles, and Al are on the Pigs' Island, and find it deserted. They come back to tell the other Birds, but they are already gone.

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