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The alternate loading screen, if full screen is set.

Angry Birds IE9 is a game made by Rovio, in collaboration with Microsoft, released in 2012. The game introduces a new set of features, not available in other Angry Birds games.


Angry Birds IE9 brings out a set of features, and some are new, which are listed below:


  • Poached Eggs
  • Mighty Hoax
  • Danger Above
  • The Big Setup
  • Surf and Turf (New)
  • IE World (New, unlocks after getting a IE logo in a level)


  • Red Bird
  • Blue Bird
  • Yellow Bird
  • Black Bird
  • White Bird
  • Terence
  • Boomerang Bird
  • Orange Bird (New)


  • IE Logos, which are the IE variants of Chrome Logos and Golden Eggs.
  • The ability to compete with friends, using a Windows Live ID.
  • Sharing scores of levels via Windows Live.
  • The ability to challenge an user from another country.
  • Possibility to play in the player's language, not just English.
  • Playing offline, with online features disabled.
  • Achievements, which automatically register to the scoreboard if you get them offline and online.


  • Herr Helmet: Finish chapter 1. 10pts
  • Mr. Moustache: Finish chapter 2. 10pts
  • Defeat of the King: Finish chapter 3. 10pts
  • Poached Eggs - Pro Slinger: Get 3 stars in all levels of Poached Eggs. 30pts
  • The Imposter: Finish chapter 4. 10pts
  • The mysterious Escape: Finish chapter 5. 10pts
  • Mighty Hoax - Pro Slinger: Get 3 stars in all levels of Mighty Hoax. 30pts
  • Hovering Helmet: Finish chapter 6. 10pts
  • Mounting Moustache: Finish chapter 7. 10pts
  • The Green Baron: Finish chapter 8. 10pts
  • Danger Above - Pro Slinger: Get 3 stars in all levels of Danger Above. 30pts
  • The Hardhat Hidalgo: Finish chapter 9. 10pts
  • Mr. Mason Moustache: Finish chapter 10. 10pts
  • The Royal Ringleader: Finish chapter 11. 10pts
  • The Big Setup - Pro Slinger: Get 3 stars in all levels of The Big Setup. 30pts
  • Bird Slinger: Sling 100 birds. 15pts
  • Pig Hater: Pop 300 pigs. 15pts
  • Hardcore: Get 3 stars in all levels of Angry Birds IE9. 50pts
  • First Discovery: Find an IE Logo. 5pts
  • The Hunter: Find all the IE Logos. 10pts
  • Logo Lover: Earn 5 IE Logo stars. 10pts
  • Rookie: Win 1 online match. 5pts
  • Intermediate: Win 5 online matches. 10pts
  • Expert: Win 20 online matches. 20pts
  • The Champion: Win 100 online matches without losing. 100pts

IE Logo locations

  1. Poached Eggs 3-20: Right above the rock building.
  2. Surf and Turf 1-6: In the barrel.
  3. About Screen: Go all the way down until you'll see a small IE logo replacing a random lowercase e.
  4. The Big Setup 10-3: Pop the duck below the bridge.
  5. Help Screen: Go to the Blue Bird page and there will be a small IE logo next to the first pig. It's very small to see, so you need to zoom in order to catch it.


  1. 02/16: Fixed bug that stopped unexpectedly online matches even if players were connected.
  2. 04/12: Fixed fatal error that reset the game's progress if playing for over 5 hours.
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