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Angry Birds Go! Revived is a racing game in the Angry Birds series and was released on September 12, 2031. It is the sequel to Angry Birds Go!: Kart Customization and a reboot of the original hexalogy. In 2035, a sequel was made. It is the seventh installment of the Angry Birds Go! series. Unlike the previous five installments, there was no involvement from Nintendo.

Angry Birds Go! Revived
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iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry 10

Release Date

September 12, 2031


While the birds are racing because potatoes, Bromanor is sending her minions and other villains to defeat the birds. If Bromanor wins against the Pigs and birds, she will turn all of Piggy Island into a parking lot. She sends her elite minions to brainwash all the birds in order to reenact Champion Chase. Even Red gets brainwashed. Now, Red must un-brainwash himself to procede onward and go to Nawibuwabi to stop Bromanor's plan.



  • Female White Bird
  • Riochet
  • Tyler
  • Shelly
  • Freckled Pig
  • Hockey Bird


  • Mechanic Pig
  • Chef Pig
  • Postman Pig
  • Professor Pig
  • Chronicler Pig
  • Season Bros.
    • Santa Hat
    • Leprechaun
    • Bunny-eared
    • Pumpkin
  • Bromanor



  • Standard
  • Egg Engine
  • Tricrowave
  • Giga Rocket
  • Boost Barrier


  • Pipe Frame
  • Super Fat Pig
  • Offroader
  • Disgustoidetti
  • Bug-gy
  • Exploder
  • Turbo Tub
  • Recipe One
  • Walmart Kart

Unlock Criteria

Unlock Criteria
Kart Unlock Criteria
Pipe Frame Pay 200 coins after un-brainwashing Red.
Super Fat Pig Pay 500 coins after completing World 1.
Offroader Pay 500 coins after completing World 2.
Disgustoidetti Pay 500 coins after completing World 3.
Bug-gy Pay 500 coins after completing World 4.
Exploder Pay 500 coins after completing World 5.
Turbo Tub Pay 500 coins after completing World 6.
Recipe One Pay 500 coins after un-brainwashing Freckled Pig.
Walmart Kart Pay 3000 coins after unlocking all karts.


Main Worlds

  1. Piggy Island
  2. Gelatin Plains
  3. Chocolate Valley
  4. Sky Circuit
  5. Coma Forest
  6. Vanilla Island
  7. Nawibuwabi Cup

Extra Worlds

  • Galaxy Road
  • Special Cup


  • Race: Race against seven other characters. Come in 3rd, 2nd, or 1st to pass.
  • Versus: Race against one opponent. There are three sub-modes; easy, medium and hard.
  • Time Boom: Get to the finish line within a certain time.
  • Fruit Splat: Race against Minion Pigs and Bromanor's minions while running over fruits.
  • Champion Chase: Race against a playable character three times to recruit and un-brainwash.


  • Cardio
  • Dra"cool"a
  • Mario
  • Dr. Acula
  • Matilda Googol
  • Copy Kitten
  • Janitor Poopatine
  • Bromanor (final boss)


  • This is a reboot of the Angry Birds Go! series.
  • It was released 14 years after Angry Birds Go!: Kart Customization.
  • This is the third game where Mario is not the main villain.
  • In 2035, a sequel was made; Angry Birds Go!: Time Travel.
  • Nintendo wasn't involved at all with the development.
  • Early names for the game were "New Angry Birds Go!" and "Angry Birds Go! Returns".