Angry Birds Duo has new birds.
Angry Birds Duo Logo

Logo (text "DUO" made up) with the new Orange Bird.

Heroes in Game

Real Birds

  1. Red Bird
  2. Blue Bird
  3. Yellow Bird
  4. Black Bird
  5. White Bird
  6. Green (Boomerang) Bird
  7. Big Brother (Big Red) Bird
  8. Orange (Globe) Bird
  9. Sringer (shockwave) Bird
  10. King Bird ( Current Leader)
  11. Queen Bird
  12. Pink [Bubble] Bird

New Birds

  1. Teal (Water) Bird (spreads water)
  2. Toxic Bird (colors yellow and black make up this bird) (spreads toxic)
  3. Idiot (Reversed) Bird (colors white and cyan made up this bird) (reversed controls when used) (no ability)
  4. Gold (Speedup) Bird (speeds up, cuts through everything instead of just wood)
  5. Rainbow Bird (rolls when clicked)
  6. Purple Bird (bounces when landed on something and clicked)
  7. Paper Plane Bird (launches a paper plane at pigs when clicked)

8. Nyan Cat Bird (color pink, speeds up and leaves a rainbow trail when clicked or tapped).

9. Zap Bird (color Aqua Marine)Zaps all Pigs.

10. Jumper Cable Bird ( Uses jumper cables)

11. Big brother bomb Bird (More powerful than Black Bird)

Total Birds:

Mighty Eagle enabled? True

22 (includes the Mighty Eagle)

21 (excludes the Mighty Eagle)


Mystery Cave - 21 Levels, 2 Sets All Birds appear except every other bird and the Orange Bird

Egg Hunt - 21 Levels, 2 Sets First Appearence of Jumper Cable Bird

Egg Discovery - 21 Levels, 3 Sets, First Appearence of Queen Bird

Through the Air - 15 Levels, 3 Sets, First appearance of Paper Plane Bird

Rolling Against - 15 Levels, 2 Sets, First appearance of Rainbow Bird

Inflate More, Deflate Less - 2 Sets,15 Levels, has the most amount of appearances of the Orange Bird

Reversing - 18 Levels, 3 Sets, First appearance of Idiot Bird

Woodpeckers Unite! - 3 Sets, 18 Levels, First appearance of Gold Bird

Spreaders Aware - 2 Sets, 18 Levels, First appearance of Teal Bird and Toxic Bird

Found Out - 2 Sets, 20 Levels First appearence of Zap Bird

Boing Boing - 3 Sets, 20 Levels, First appearance of Purple Bird

Meme Town - 2 sets, 20 Levels, First appearance of Nyan Cat Bird. Pigs have troll face or epic face masks and other birds are disabled

Final Vengeance - 3 Sets, 20 Levels, First appearence of Sringer Bird

The Horrible Chase of the King - 3 Sets , 45 levels,First appearence of King Bird

Special Themes

Rainbow Eggs - 21 Levels (the Golden Eggs in this game)

Sprite Egg - Unlocked as Rainbow Egg 8 (contains all sprites. When a sprite is clicked, it will show its scripts)

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