Angry Birds: Time is sixth installment in the Angry Birds franchise, and tied in with Angry Birds III. Angry Birds: The Final Chapter was released afterwards.
Angry Birds Time


After the Angry Birds Space TV Specials, there was demand for a third movie. However, the Games were losing popularity, so another one was created to tie in with Angry Birds III. It was released on December 11, 2014, on the fifth anniversary of Angry Birds' release, with two levels, Dawn of Grime (A Basic Time Travel Episode with travel to the caveman era) and There's a Time and a Space (A Parallel Universe where the Pigs have a vast space empire).


The updates of this game were fewer than other games, and one update was released every year, although it always contained 30 complete levels, 1 Golden Egg, 1 Silver Egg (The same, but Silver), 1 Bronze Egg (Yet again the same) and four videos to accompany the game. The updates were as follows:

2015. H. G Smells (Based on H. G. Wells’ the Time Machine)- April 6

2016. No Time Like the Present (Features the Classic Angry Birds meeting there Angry Birds: Time Counterparts and teaming up with them)- December 11

2017. Time to Fly (Pigs steal a plane from the Wright Brothers, Birds must keep flying alongside and prevent them from ruining history)

2018. Space against Time (Angry Birds Space flock manipulated by Pigs, Angry Birds Time Birds must defeat them)- March 22

2019. All the Time in the World(s) (The super red bird touches the red bird, and all of time is released. At the end the space and time flocks are returned to there original forms, merging back together to one flock in the process)


All levels contain "time spheres", and the primary aim is to use powers to weaken the sphere, then allow one final bird to hit the clock in the centre and erase the pigs inside the sphere from existence. At the end of most episodes, a boss fight occurs in which one of the pig species is erased from existence.


The Time Flock is present in most episodes, but not all- some episodes feature alternate timelines with the Classic or Space birds. However, almost all other episodes have the time flock.

  • Modern Red Bird- The classic red bird (Red Bird)
  • Ancient Red Bird- Terrence, aged extremely; he has wrinkles all over his face and he has a small beard- he is also much weaker than usual and slightly smaller (Terrence)
  • Future Red Bird- This bird is extremely strong, more than Terrence generally is, but shares the size and appearance of the red bird, save for what looks like cybernetic implants (Red Bird)
  • Bird Cubed- The bird splits into three when the screen is tapped (Blue Bird/Ice Bird)
  • Time Shatter Bird- When the power is activated, a space-time rupture is created. From the other side, a strong earthquake with a limited radius wreacks havock on the time sphere if aimed correctly (Bomb Bird)
  • Superbird- This bird's power is to fly around the sphere, and go back to when it was being created, meaning it has gaps and is weaker (Yellow Bird)
  • Sub Atomic Bird- This is a very large bird, which hits the sphere and does no damage- after a few seconds, it will shrink. The smaller it gets the more damage it can do, and when it disappears it will create a small explosion (Orange Bird)
  • Time-Maker Bird- In H. G Smells, this bird was introduced. It's ability is to drop miniature time machines, which pauses time for a moment, and, in certain levels where pigs move keeps them still. (White Bird)
  • Tiny Magnet- This bird attatches itself onto the time sphere and does not turn into a corpse. This and the Big Magnet were introduced in Space against Time. (Pink Bird)
  • Big Magnet- This bird flies through any obstacles, including time spheres, to get to the tiny magnet. They then both become corpses. (Boomerang Bird)
  • Time Eagle- This bird has the superbirds power, but has the time sphere go back to before its creation and destroys it completely. (Mighty Eagle)
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