Angry Birds: The Final Chapter was the last game in the Angry Birds franchise, released on the App Store for $3.99. It contained five episodes, and one bonus episode. It followed on from Angry Birds: Time.


Bye-Bye Birdie

This episode began with the capture of Blue Jay, meaning that the blue birds can only split into two. At the end of the first 15 levels, he is found again. At the beginning of the next 15 levels, it is found that the pigs have hijacked his brain. At the end of that section, the pigs find him again. The beginning of the following 15-level section, he is being treated as one of the pigs. Throughout the next levels, he appears in the shelters, and he is the boss fight at the end, and he is killed. The final cutscene shows the other blue birds growing up significantly and becoming much larger, as well as having much more solemn expressions.

Giving Back

Red, Chuck, Jake, Jim, Bomb, and Matilda are all captured by the Pigs. Al, Terrence, Bubbles, Stella, and the Ice Bird set out to rescue them before they are brainwashed. The birds are released on by one, firstly Jake, then Matilda, Chuck, Red, and Jim. By the time of the boss fight at the end, Bomb is the only one left captured. The small pigs are wiped out by Al, Terrence, Bubbes, Stella, and the Ice Bird, the medium pigs are wiped out by Red, Chuck, Jake, and Jim, but the Large Pigs are still alive. They are guarding Bomb, but cannot be defeated by the other birds. Bomb destroys them by detonating. The ending cutscene reveals that he survived, but the other birds don't know. The Freckled, Mechanic Pigs, Helmet, Moustache, King, and Fat Pigs are the only ones alive.

This Big Piggy Went..

This is the last episode from the Pigs' point of view. The Freckled and Mechanic Pigs are escorting the Helmet and fat Pigs to the birds' island when they see the birds flying towards them. Throughout the rest of the levels, they have to avoid the birds and get all of themselves to the finish line. In the end, the vehicle is seen crashing into the ocean.

To Kill a Moustache Pig

The Moustache Pig has constructed many buildings, but has nothing to hide in them. Bomb comes along, and the Moustache Pig decides to merely protect the structures. The aim of each level is to destroy all of the materials. Only bomb is playable, until level 16 where the red bird finds him. After level 30, he joins with the rest of the flock. In level 45 the Moustache Pig is killed.

All the Kings' Piggies and All the Flock's Birds

The King Pig uses his own DNA to clone many more decoy king pigs. The birds kill one, and are celebrating, until they find another, and many more. There are 15 King pigs, and they are destroyed one by one. The real one, however, is still alive, and as well as cloning himself, he uses the corpses of other pigs and rebuilds his entire pig Army. The birds, however, use the cloning device for themselves, and create another blue bird. The next 15 levels feature the same pig and bird armies as has been the norm for the rest of the franchise. The next 15 levels show the King Pig with a ridiculously massive army, and the birds with the regular flock. The end of a further 15 levels has the birds finally access the cloning device, and creating there own mass-army. Over 5 levels each, the Minion, Helmet, and Moustache pigs are destroyed. 15 more levels were released in an update, and, in the final level, the King Pig is killed. The birds get the eggs back.

Bonus Levels

There is a Bonus Level page, similar to a Golden Eggs page, but once the game is finished every minigame is unlocked. There is one to represent each game in the franchise, and some have different formats.

  • Angry Birds- Golden Bird. This is a Golden Bird with an identical design to Red. It is very similar to the King Pig Level, only the King Pig minigame is replaced with the Red Bird level, in which the birds create vehicles like the pigs did.
  • Angry Birds Seasons- A Christmas Apparel. This is the closest thing to a Christmas level, as the franchise ended before a proper one was made. In this, you can dress the birds in various things related to winter and/or Christmas.
  • Angry Birds Rio- Reunion. In this level, the flock meets up with Blu and Jewel again, and help them defeat the still-active king marmoset.
  • Angry Birds Space- The Quick Frontier. The space flock goes to the centre of the galaxy, and are almost sucked into a black hole. You must fling the entire flock away very quickly, avoiding various space debris.
  • Angry Birds Star Wars- Total Destruction. Though this game was set in a different continuity, it was still considered as part of the franchise. This level was made to tie in the Star Wars game with the others. It featured the Mighty Eagle, Space Eagle, Mighty Dragon, and Millennium Falcon facing off against each other to decide who can cause the most destruction.
  • Bad Piggies- When Pigs Fall. This "reverse sandbox" allows you to lay out your own course and place your own boxes, though the vehicle is predetermined. You can pilot it through your self-made course.
  • Angry Birds Time- Time Before Time. In this game, the birds go to the time before the universe. They launch themselves and end up preventing the creation of the universe. With a time machine, you must undo their actions, but first you must solve a puzzle to make the time machine work
  • Angry Birds The Final Chapter- In this game, you must help the birds rebuild, and build them all shelters. Once you succeed, a short video will be shown about the birds' daily lives after the pigs.
  • Angry Wars- This additional minigame was allowed one player to build a structure out of various unlockable materials and another to use the birds against it.
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