Angry Birds: Rise of the Dinosaurs is a custom Angry Birds game. It features pigs and dinosaurs as the enemies. There are 10 worlds inside of Rise of the Dinosaurs, each of which contains three parts. New birds include the Fire Bird, the Butter Bird, the Ninja Bird, and the Magma Bird.


Scare in Air

Includes episodes 1, 2, and 3. The eggs are stolen by a Pteranodon, and structures are fairly simple. The Pteranodon appears as the final boss fight, the King Pig as the second, and a Velociraptor as the first.

Volcano Escape

Includes episodes 4, 5, and 6. This time, the pigs hire an Allosaurus to take the eggs to a volcano to lure the birds there. Structures are harder than in Scare in Air. The first boss fight is King Pig, the second is another Velociraptor, and the last is the Allosaurus.

65 Million Pigs Ago

Includes episodes 7, 8, and 9. In this one the pigs attempt to use a time machine to transport the eggs to another time. The first boss fight is the Chrome Bird, the second is King Pig, and the final is Tyrannosaurus Rex (the dinosaur leader).

Wham and Ham

Includes episodes 10, 11, and 12. In this world the pigs pretend that a Coelophysis ate the eggs. The first boss fight is the Coelophysis, second is Fat Pig, and third is the King Pig. Also this marks the first appearance of a minigame, in which the birds use a mobile slingshot to chase the Coelophysis.

Funny Money

Includes episodes 13, 14, and 15. The pigs disguise themselves as money by using shields, which must be broken in order to get to the pig. Shields have the same strength as wood. The first boss fight, in episode 14, is King Pig, and the second is the Red Pig.

Bake the Snake

Includes episodes 16, 17, and 18. In this world the pigs capture the Mighty Dragon, and the birds must rescue him. First boss fight is King Pig, second is Yellow Pig, and third is Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Scrambled Eggs

Includes episodes 19, 20, 21 In this world, Fat pig steals the eggs and is captured by pig eater and the pigs must save him. These worlds you fire pigs at mini dinos. No Boss Fights.

Lizard Wizards

Includes episdoes 22, 23, 24

Slingscope Saurus

Includes episodes 25, 26, 27

The Final Battle

Includes episodes 28, 29, 30


Red Bird- makes noise. Introduced in level 1-1.

Blue Bird- splits into three. Introduced in level 1-10.

Beige Bird- slows down as going, but gets slightly stronger. Introduced in level 1-16.

Yellow Bird- goes very fast. Introduced in level 1-22.

White Bird- drops an explosive egg. Introduced in level 2-5.

Black Bird- explodes. Introduced in level 2-13.

Boomerang Bird- turns around when clicks. Introduced in level 5-14.

Orange Bird- blows up like a balloon. Introduced in level 6-12.

Fire Bird- sets his surroundings on fire. Introduced in level 6-29.

Brown Bird- turns into a pile of trash. Introduced in level 7-20.

Chrome Bird- spins to gain speed and strength. Introduced in level 8-1.

Ice Bird- freezes surroundings. Introduced in level 9-2.

Big Brother Bird- is very strong. Introduced in level 15-8.

Magma Bird- emits a large glob of magma. Introduced in level 17-26.

Butter Bird- targets a single pig. Introduced in level 20-12

Gray Bird- spins like a drill, can break any material except for diamond. Introduced in level 22-9.

Ninja Bird- uses a katana, most effective against stone. Introduced in level 27-19.

Thunderbird- most powerful bird, immense strength and damaging lightning. Can also kill other birds. Introduced in level 30-30, can also be bought.

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