Angry Birds: Piggy IslandBound is an Angry Birds-Mother/EarthBound crossover  and an installment in the Angry Birds series.


King Pig is bored as usual. So he decides to travel to a third-party demension. He finds himself in the Mother/EarthBound universe, so to get out of boredom by releasing Porky Minch from the Absolutely Safe Capsule. With Cardio controling King Pig, he decides to team up with Porky to destroy every demension in existance. Now the birds and pigs must team up to seal Porky Minch back into the Absolutely Safe Capsule.

Birds and Pigs


  • Red
  • The Blues
  • Chuck
  • Bomb
  • Matilda
  • Hal
  • Terence
  • Bubbles
  • Stella
  • Ice Bird
  • Chet
  • Tyler
  • Shelly
  • Skunk Bird
  • Mighty Eagle


  • Helmet
  • Moustachio
  • Chef Pig
  • Postman Pig
  • Chronicler Pig
  • Professor Pig
  • Mechanic Pig
  • Freckles
  • Girly Pig
  • Princce Pig


  • Pigmask
  • Pigmask Captain
  • Pigmask Major
  • Pigmask Colonel


  1. Chimera Mighty Dragon
  2. Chimera Female Birds
  3. Mecha-Drago
  4. Firece Pork Trooper
  5. Natural Killer Cyborg
  6. Barrier Trio
  7. Mecha-Porkies
  8. Natural Killer Cyborg
  9. Ultimate Chimera
  10. King Statue
  11. King Pig
  12. Porky Minch


  1. Piggy Island
  2. Sunshine Forest
  3. Drago Plateu
  4. Osohe Castle
  5. Death Desert
  6. Chimera Laboratory
  7. Mole Cricket Hole
  8. Snowcap Mountain
  9. Saturn Valley
  10. Fire Mountain
  11. New Pork City
  12. Empire Porky Building


  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Dead Wood
  • Stone
  • Radioactive Stone
  • Pig Iron
  • Ghost
  • Caramel
  • Candy
  • Gold


After Porky is defeated, the birds and pigs seal him back into the Absolutely Safe Capsule. The birds also slingshot the Absolutely Safe Capsule into the core of the sun where Porky presumably and hopefully dies.


  • Empire Porky building is the shortest episode in the game. Being only one level.
  • The pigs and Pigmasks can be viewed in this way
    • Pigmask - Micro/Small/Medium/Large/Fat Pig
    • Pigmask Captain - Helmet Pig
    • Pigmask Major - Moustache Pig
    • Pigmask Colonel - Helmet Moustache Pig
    • Piggy Island is the only episode not set in the Nowhere Islands.
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