This Brand-New Angry Birds Movie explores the origins of the Flock, and shows how they grew from 4 birds into 9 legendary pig-fighters. It was followed by a sequel, Angry Birds II .


The Freckled Pig looks through a telescope and sees eggs. He tells the King Pig, who tells him to draw a map. It is cut into many pieces, and the King Pig orders that they are found.

Red, Chuck, Matilda, and Bomb are staring at an egg. It cracks slightly, and they all gasp.

The vehicles are not working very well, but some imput from the mechanic gets the project back underway.

The birds are talking to each other nervously, until bomb tells them that the egg has cracked even more.

The Mechanic loses his hat, but the Freckled Pig finds it again.

The egg falls apart, and the blue birds are shown. The other birds are very happy.

The first map is found, until the eggs are seen flying. A second map is drawn, but destroyed as well. The King Pig orders the Freckled Pig to find it.

Al is attempting to stop the pigs from finding the eggs.

The Freckled Pig is found playing in the Sandbox, but the Mechanic gets him back to work.

Al is captured by the Pigs.

This time both the Freckled Pig and King Pig are in the sandbox, but the mechanic orders the freckled pig back to work.

The Flock is very tired, and go to sleep.

The entire map is found. The Pigs come over in a vehicle and grab the eggs, then move away quickly.

The birds awake and find there eggs gone. They are very angry and start building a slingshot. The Pigs see this and start building shelters. The Birds start attacking the fortresses.

The Birds are winning there battle, and free Al. He is very grateful, and they give him a position in the Flock.

The Eggs are returned, but the birds are soon captured. They are all in a prison, but they are quickly freed by Terrence. He is also given a position.

The Pigs still have the eggs, and Chuck says that they need more help. Red calls in an "old friend", and the Mighty Eagle is seen flying over head of one of the Pigs' Fortresses. Two Pigs look at each other, and one proclaims "Well, we're boned.

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