Angry Birds:The return of the Pigsnosaur is an my new angry birds fanmade game idea


When the pigs find dino costumes, they are able to remote control rthem to steal the eggs. As the birds fight, in level 9-26 there is a new bird: Light Bird. When you press, he lights up and destrys 5 pigs. In 10-1, there is an egg inside a cage. You need Light bird to crack it up.


  1. Brontapigus-The pig hire a brontasaurs
  2. Light a Birdas-A New Bird and Egg!!
  3. T Pigx-The Pigs put on a T Rex costume
  4. Giantasauras!-A giantasauras is lured from a prison
  5. The Pigrannosaurs-The Pigs got tirrannosaur


  • Red Bird
  • Light bird
  • Bommerang Bird
  • Terence
  • Drill Bird
  • White bird
  • Black Bird
  • Mighty Sauras Bird(Similar to Mighty Eagle)
  • Space Ice Bird( Episode 5 and Golden egg in episode 9)
  • Orange Bird(Space Look)
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