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Angry Birds:The Sea Revenge is a Normal Game.

The game focuses the players to go explore the seaword while they are in the underwater dome.


  1. Underwater Eggs
  2. The Escape Of The Pigs
  3. Hard Baloons
  4. Ice-Water
  5. Tundra Frozen,Tundra Dome
  6. More Tundra
  7. Destroyed New Tundra


  1. Red Bird-Starter Bird
  2. Torch Bird-Unlocked in 4-2,Transforming ice to water
  3. Unbounce Bird-Unlocked in 3-1,Does not bounce in Rubbers, destroying them
  4. Blue Bird-Unlocked in 1-2,Flows waters and destroys ice quickly
  5. Yellow Bird-Unlocked in 1-3,Fastens
  6. Black Bird-Unlocked in 1-4,Drops 10 Bomb Blocks into the target.Any birds who hit the blocks in contact,Bomb Blocks explode.
  7. White Bird-Unlocked in 1-5,Drops 4 Eggs.
  8. Orange Bird-Unlocked in 1-6,Biggens.
  9. Mighty Eagle,Causing the sardines to appear,after slinging it,The eagle appears,causing a quake.
  10. Mighty Dragon-Seen starting 4-1,Same to Mighty Eagle.The sardines is replace by a fish.