A Red Bird corpse zombie

The Apocalypse is the 9th episode of the original game.This episode has themes 22,23 and 24.The story is about when after the pigs got advantage on the birds,their corpses began to rise and the survivors of the revenge such as,Green Bird,Orange Bird and White Bird and all the Pigs that survived ran away but they didn't work together for survival;they were enemies.When you play the levels in this episode remember that the zombie looking pigs and birds in the structure will eat your launched bird alive when it comes close to the zombie.How to kill a zombie is to make an obstacle hit the zombie.Zombies can eat a whole bird depending on the size.In the last level cutscene you will see all the zombies killed and the White,Orange,and Green Bird take the eggs and head back to the nest and took good care of them.

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