Super Sling Duper Edition is an Angry Birds game where it includes 6 different episodes.Here is the episodes in order:

1.Remember Us? Themes 1,2,3,4

2.Still 'diccted to eggs! Themes 5,6

3.In The Jungles Themes 7,8,9

4.Aqua Hideout Themes 10,11,12

5.Stealthy as a Spy Themes 13,14,15

6.Porkin' Through Waves Themes 16,17,18

Evolving Birds

The birds in Angry Birds: Super Sling Duper Edition have the ability to evolve into a more powerful and improved bird. The power for the evolved bird has also been upgraded.Here are the list of all the evolved flock.

The OverThreat

The Penetrator

The Agile

The Boom

The Egg Gattler

The Enormous

The Tucan

The Bird of Every Ability

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