Angry Birds:RPG is a game where the birds fight enemies and use powers and special powers to defeat monsters.
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All The Birds live in a city named Birdville but suddenly gets attacked by mutant pigs and pigs.This was planned by King Pig,who has became the president of Pigville Hut.The Red Bird and his party learn magic and melee attacks to stop King Pig once and for
Orange bird
all.When King Pig was defeated and the army went into chaos, the party was soon honored true heroes.

                                                                                                                                              orange bird


Orange Bird: Element:Fire

Burn Strike: TP:30 (Flame Magic) Burn the enemy with a strike of fire.

Beak Rush: TP:8 (Melee) Mow the enemy down with the beak.

Boomerang: TP:10 (Distance) Throw a boomerang.

Wind Blade: TP:12 (Wind Magic) Trap the enemy with thrusts of wind.

Fire Balls: TP:14 (Flame Magic) Strike the enemy with balls of fire.

Black Hole: TP:60 (Dark Magic) Suck an enemy in a Black Hole.

Fearful Flare: TP:56 (Flame Magic) Strike the enemy with numerous descending fire balls.

Explode: TP:50 (Flame Magic) Send a ball of fire to hit the ground, causing a huge explosion.

Meteor Storm: TP:80 (Flame Magic) Rain down meteors from the sky.

Burning Beak Rush: TP:32 (Flame Melee) Rush the enemy with a beak of fire.

Danger Sword: TP:78 (Flame Magic) Call down a fire sword from the sky.

Special atack:

Danger's Weapon: TP:100 (Flame Melee) Rush the enemy with a beak of fire following by a huge eruption at the final blow.

White Bird: Element: Wind

Wind Blade: TP:12 (Wind Magic) Trap the enemy with thrusts of wind.

Beak Rush: TP:8 (Melee) Mow the enemy down with the beak.

Thunder Rush: TP:14 (Wind Melee) Knock the enemy down with a push of lightning.

Cyclone: TP:60 (Wind Magic) Call a fierce tornado to blow the enemy.

Tempest: TP:59 (Wind Magic) Call a fierce storm that blows numerous enemies away.

Storm: TP:45 (Wind Magic) Call a fierce storm to blow the enemy.

Heaven's Breath: TP:80 (Wind Magic) Call wind from the heavens to blow all the enemies away.

Special Atack:

Hurricane: TP:123 (Wind Magic) Call a hurricane to blow numerous enemies away.

Green Bird: Element:Earth

Beak Rush: TP:8 (Melee) Mow the enemy down with the beak.

Beak Punishment : TP:12(Melee) Spin the beak around.

Stalagmite: TP:34(Earth Magic) Call six sharp rocks to strike the enemy.

Earth Dragon: TP:29 (Earth Melee) Strike the ground to summon spears of solid rock.

Wyrm Dragon Rush: TP:14 (Melee) Rush the enemy with fierce rushing cuts.

Special atack:

Earth Spears: TP:95 (Earth Magic) Strike the enemy with spears of the Earth .

blue bird: element:water

atacks coming soon

More Birds Coming Soon


pig Lv.10 HP:540 EXP:123

Lesser Helmet Pig Lv. 20 HP:1050 EXP:400

pig Beast Lv. 22 HP:1185 EXP:386

Pig Theif Lv. 22 HP:1200 EXP:410

Pig Mage Lv. 25 Artes: Photon HP:1275 EXP:537

Greater Helmet Pig Lv.24 Artes: Stalagmite,Acid Rain HP:1535 EXP:678

Pig Sword Dancer (Boss) Lv.59 Artes:Turbelance HP:29000 EXP:1351

Killer pig Lv.30 HP:2700 EXP:400

Moustache Infantry Lv.29 HP:2595 EXP:354

Pig Archery Lv.35 Artes:Hell Pyre,Giga Fang HP:2955 EXP:800

Mishmash Pig Beast (Boss) Lv.64 Artes:Flame Burst HP:34500 EXP:1500

Greater Pig Mage Lv.45 Artes:Energy Blast HP:3750 EXP:675

Wild pig Lv.51 HP:4795 EXP:1000

Pig Officer Lv.49 HP:5600 EXP:1101

The Apprentice pig (Boss) Lv.72 Artes:Snout Rush HP:39000 EXP:2000

The Gatekeeper pig (Boss) Lv.75 HP:42295 EXP:3641

King Pig (Boss:Appearance 1) Lv.57 Artes:Negative Gate HP:28500 EXP:1005

King Pig (Boss:Appearance 2) Lv.80 Artes:Negative Gate,Meteor Storm HP:72000 EXP:5600

Giga-pig Lv.100 HP:87650 EXP:7251

The Prince (Boss) Lv. 76 Artes:Shadow Edge,Acid Rain HP:42000 EXP:4981

Helmet O'Brein (Boss) Lv.70 HP:39510 EXP:4872

Tartarous Pig (Boss) Lv.64 HP:45000 EXP:3000

Pig O'Mueller (Boss) Lv.30 HP:9000 EXP:1201

Pig O'Mueller (2nd Boss Appearance) Lv.72 HP:36500 EXP:2411

Pig O'Gotchia (Boss) Lv.67 HP:26700 EXP:1849

Fyr Bronc (Boss) Lv.59 HP:37000 EXP:35000

King pig And The Prince (Final Boss) lv.70 HP 47000 EXP:60000


Birdville: Birdville is Orange Bird's hometown, but it was obliterated and occupied by pigs.

Mushroom Forest: This forest is filled with boars and other monsters.Lots of mushrooms at that forest are filled with poison.

Vortex Place: This dungeon is a mysterious and very odd dungeon that appeared randomly.This dungeon is filled with lots of portals that bring you different areas of the Vortex Place.

Mine: This mine is a dungeon filled with minerals.You could collect the minerals and make weapons out of them.

Lava Cliff: The Lava Cliff is a very hot place and is filled with lava around the large pieces of rock that you walk on.

Large Cave: The Large Cave is like the Mine, but doesn't have any minerals and is occupied by very powerful monsters.

Ice Cave: The Ice Cave is a very cold place and is filled with lots of snow.

Prison: Birds are put in that prison for a long time.

Torture Chamber: Birds get tortured at that dungeon by The Five Grand Officers and The Three Tempest Generals.

Pig Palace: The Pig Palace is where King Pig is held and is filled with lots of pig soldiers.

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