Baby Pig
Baby Pig

Pigs Revenge

Pigs Revenge is the 8th episode in Angry Birds. It includes themes 19,20,and 21.The story is when the Pigs get lots of weaponry and surround the birds and execute them.The Big Brother Bird aids the birds from execution,but on the theme 20 cutscene, the Big Bro Bird had been stopped and executed by the Pigs.On theme 21,the Mighty Eagle aids them, but the Pigs caught the Mighty Eagle doing this, so they tied him up and tortured him.On the level before the last level you will see a cutscene where King Pig gets killed and the other Pigs escape without their leader.On the last level before you play the level you will see the Red Bird alone with nobody to aid him;his friends got killed.And you will also see the Pigs surrounding him.When you finnish the level the Red Bird gets killed by the Pigs and some of the pigs are killed in cutscene you watch.

White,Orange and Green Bird's Survival

They survived by hiding in a large, sanctuary so the pigs can't kill them.When they were fighting pigs, they escaped quickly and the pigs chased after them, but stopped and got tired.They kept on running and reached an abandoned sanctuary that still stands and not a single part of the safe havens is crumbling.

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