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Angry Birds:Nightmare is a game where you do not kill pigs all the time.The thing you gotta do is try to shoot all the birds at a door to exit the nightmare.There is a timer up above.If the timer runs out, the exit will crumble and the birds will die. When you are on a platform near the slingshot, you get to move around,depending on which bird you clicked on.


When Green Bird felt very sad about the older bird in the bird party that died in Angry Birds:Pigs Advantage.He started to have nightmares about it.He did not just have the nightmares himself, but King Pig is the one behind the nightmares.If Green Bird dies in his nightmare, he dies in real life.How he dies in real life is when he dies in his nightmare, a band of red ants will come out of nowhere and will eat Green Bird alive and green bird suddenly thought,it was a dream!

Stages and Floors

Green Bird goes through stages and floors to end his nightmare at the end.Here are the list of floors and stages:

Stage 1:Graveyard 1-1

Stage 2:Lifetime Prison 2-1,2-2

Stage 3:Murder Bastion 3-1,3-2,3-3

Stage 4:Abandoned Mansion 4-1,4-2

Stage 5:Lava Cliff 5-1,5-2,5-3

Stage 6:Watch Tower 6-1,6-2,6-3,6-4

Stage 7:Haunted Corridor 7-1,7-2,7-3,7-4,7-5

Stage 8:The High Cathedral 8-1


Bosses can use attacks to kill you instantly.If the boss tries to hit other birds you do not control, they will move themselves,depending on how slow they are.You can hit and kill the boss, and when one of your Green Birds hit the boss, they jump back to the platform.It is impossible to go through the boss for the door, you have to hit the boss several times until the health bar of the enemy is done and the boss will fall down the abyss in between the door, and platform with the slingshot.

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