Angry Annoying Orange is a cross over between Angry Birds and Annoying Orange


In the Angry Birds universe, the pigs steal the birds' eggs and all the birds, only to find out they missed Red Bird. Meanwhile, in a real-life kitchen, Orange finds the counter with no of his co-stars around, so he jumps into a iPod to find them. Then Red Bird and Orange meet, and they agree to defeat the pigs and save Orange's friends.


Red Bird- Debuts in 1-1

Blue Bird- Debuts in 1-15 (Splits into 3)

Yellow Bird- Debuts in 2-1 (Speeds up)

Black Bird- Debuts in 2-15 (Explodes)

White Bird- Debuts in 3-1 (Lays an egg)

Boomerang Bird- Debuts in 3-15 (Turns around)

Big Brother Bird- Debuts in 4-1

Orange Bird- Debuts in 4-15 (Inflates)

Annoying Orange Cast

Orange- Debuts in 1-3 (Motorboat, acts like Blu from Rio)

Pear- Debuts in 2-13 (Side Kick)

Midget Apple- Debuts in 3-13 (Throws a tire from a monster truck)

Grandpa Lemon- Debuts in 4-13 (Harder Motorboat)

Grapefruit- Debuts in Golden Egg 2 (Kracken Whip) Knife- Replaces Mighty Eagle (Exclusive)


Small Pig

  • Medium Pig
  • Large Pig
  • Helment Pig
  • Grandpa Pig
  • King Pig


  1. Angry Start
  2. In The Kitchen
  3. The Freezer
  4. Ninja Stove
  5. Back to Angry

Golden Eggs

Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space


  • Marshmellow, Passion Fruit and ZOOM do not appear in this game.
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